Winter Saviours

December 10, 2013

We’re now at the point where the weather is getting colder, the heating is on and there’s the air conditioning at work. Making my hair, skin and lips become extra dry. To survive this I’m using a few more products than normal.

For my hair I always use detangling spray but I’ve run out of the L’Oreal kids one I use so am using up my protein spray from Label.M it’s good but smells funky. With that I’m also using the Primark hair oil that a friend recommended to me.

Face wise I’m swapping my night cream for The Body Shop Vitimin E Oil which I also sometimes add to my morning moisturiser, depending on how dry my skin feels. I haven’t found a really moisturising and soothing face wash, although I do quite like the Liz Earle one.

For my lips, I’m using the Lush Popcorn lip scrub every other day as my lips feels so dry and cracked right now. I’m also using lots of moisturising lip products. My favourites are The Body Shop born lippy lip balms in any flavour really and the No7 BB lip balm. All the info has rubbed off that though I love it so much and think it was worth the money.

Finally for my hands I’ve just bought The Body Shop rose hand cream because of the smell but I usually use a Garnier one but I’ve misplaced it and really needed something else.

While I really like all these products and love some of them I haven’t hit every point that I really need. I’m still looking for an amazing moistening conditioner for the ends of my poor hair and like I said above a good face wash for super dry skin.