Where Oscar Turns One!

A month late. But Oscar turned one just under a month ago. Oscar’s birthday is the same day as my Dads. . Oscar is a pretty chilled out guy, he likes hiding in corners and laying in between things so he feels protected. Because even though Oscar is a rabbit, he’s really a scaredy-cat. He jumps and hides at the smallest of sounds and when he’s scared he either hides or thumps his feet. Which let me tell you is cute until he does it at 4am and you can’t find out why he’s upset and does it continuously until you either pick him up or put him in the same cage with Evie! 
For Oscar’s birthday we decided to treat Oscar and Evie to some treats and ‘toys’. We went Pets at Home for a change and bought them quite a few things.
This is meant to be a ‘mattress’ which for a smaller animal you can hang in their cage. Evie likes to sit on it and eat it at the same time. Because she’s awkward like that. There isn’t much of this left so it was a really good buy.
There was a deal for two of these bags of treats and they loved the heart nibbles so much they were the first to go. I also think it was because they’re nice and small compared to the cloves which we still have some left.
The last set of of treats/presents and my favourite one, was mainly for Oscar. He loved the little loefah teddy bear, it’s still alive if a little bit deformed and was super cheap! Evie’s not keen on it at all. Lastly I got a picnic treat that breaks up into three pieces and every few days I’d give them a block of it. I think this had honey in it and Evie and Oscar really enjoyed it! No crumbs were left.
Do you buy your pets birthday treats/gifts?
All items Ryan and I bought ourselves with our own money!

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