When You Don’t Have Business Idea But Want One

August 19, 2018
When You Don't Have Business Idea But Want One

You want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur? Yey for making the decision to be your own boss!

The other day I did a video for my IGTV channel about four things that people don’t really talk about that you need to have to start a business. One of them was an idea. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with an idea on your own, of course, you could ask for help search Google forever or work it out yourself.

The Dilemma

But while you know you want to be your own boss and start your own business you don’t know what to do!

Sound about right?

The Solution

First, notice anything wrong with the last part of that sentence? You don’t know what to do.

It’s what can you do.

There are so many amazing bits of advice out there to help you come up with an idea for starting a business.

So my bit of advice would be, block off about an hour of your time, find a quiet space, get a pen and some paper or your journal and answer these questions:

Your strengths and skills

Do you have a specific set of skills you feel happy and/or proud of?

What would you feel happiest with by either teaching and/or helping others with?

What do you feel the most confident teaching and/or helping others with?

How do you want to impact other people?

What sort of thing excites you to talk about or share with others?

In what way do you see yourself helping others and/or improving things for them?


Once you have a few ideas down, you may see an obvious answer to what kind of business you can start or you can research if there is already any businesses offering something similar that you can get inspiration from.

Just Start

The most important part though is, just start once you’ve figured out an idea. Start out doing something you’re good at that other people need help with and offer your services – you don’t have to work out your perfect business idea straight away, just get started and move forward.


Let me know what ideas you come up with!

Still having difficulties coming up with a business idea, book a Get Unstuck session with me and we can work out what skills you have and what kind of business you can start.

When You Don't Have Business Idea But Want One

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