When the Sun Smiles

April 17, 2013

I’ve been a little down recently. I’ve been struggling with missing my Dad more than i expected this year. With my Dads birthday just round the corner Aprils been knocking me on my ass more than I anticipated. Ive been feeling like an emotional twig, ready to snap at a moments notice. No idea if I’d actually cry or just get mad at the world. So I guess it’s good I’ve got a few days off work. But I’ve been extremely lucky to have Ryan. He’s been trying to cheer me up. On Monday after he had his simulation (sailing) exam he took me to Thorntons for hot chocolate and cake!

We both had hot chocolate (someone had a really big one!) I had the wheat free chocolate and orange cake which was really good if a little sickly! Ry had a chocolate eclair and some of my cake.

Then we went and did a little bit of shopping and looked in at the bunnies in The Ark. There was asuper cute little black bunny who was so inquisitive and liked to climb. Totally wanted to takeher home!

Tuesday after a half day at work and a walk on the Hoe so I could eat my lunch, we went and saw the new Tom Cruise film Oblivion. It’s a good film but really twisted and that’s all I’m saying about it.

Today i received a care package from my Mum, which contained 6 pairs of socks! These were my favourite ones and like a child I put them on straight away. She also sent some snacks for Ryan and myself along with a mug, a bookmark, a little note and a random picture of myself when I was young. We got peckish before I could take any photos. Seriously those mixed pretzels are so good! I didn’t eat any of the whips, Ryan ate them all so I wouldn’t be tempted. He’s nice like that!

Then we walked to Pets At Home to get some treats for the bunnies and something special for Oscar as he turns one tomorrow. It was nice to get some air to clear out my head, and I noticed there’s a new Dominos right opposite the gym. So all the people on the treadmills get to stare at it while they run. Totally motivating!
Afterwards, Ryan had some time to kill before popping to Uni so we went to House of Fraser and had our version of afternoon tea. The view is normally quite nice but it was a little foggy this afternoon so it wasn’t its total best but it was still nice. My normal response when I feel down is to shove my head into as many books as possible and pretend that real life doesn’t exist for a while. This version was so nice for a change.