What’s in Your Filofax Not on Your Rings

I saw this awhile ago on Philofaxy and wanted to do a picture post for it. There are {in my opinion} a ridiculous amount of pockets in the Holburn and other than the card pockets I only use two of the four available.
In the six card slots I don’t really keep anything important in case I lose them or my filofax. I don’t have anything really significant in there either way really as I don’t use my filofax as my wallet/purse.
I have Toni and Guy’s price menu and how to pronounce my hairdressers name. It’s not spelt how it sounds.
Next there’s my friend’s save the date fridge magnet, but our fridge isn’t magnetic so I keep it here.
A Matalan card, I mainly use when we go home to visit.
Filofax pull out card that came in my Finchley.
Thank you card from buying a cute anchor necklace online.
Finally the little note pad that I use for short shopping lists or book blogging ideas.
In the first inside pocket, next to the filofax rings I keep stamps, No7 vouchers {now expired}, cinema vouchers and the martha stewart stickers.
Finally in the back pocket, at the outer edge of the filofax near the pen loop I keep my optical record card because my opticians keep giving my contact lenses that are weaker than my prescription, which I don’t understand.
Martha Stewart post it notes {these are amazing! They’re super sticky and never fall off the inside of my filofax}.
And randomly I keep cinema tickets too. This one was for Oblivion, an interesting film.
What do you keep in your Filofax pockets? Anything more exciting than mine?

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  1. I have never really used the pockets much – usually just for temporary things like my menu for the week or a receipt. My daughter, however, has a Holborn and has all kinds of stuff in the pockets. That's why she chose that one. I guess I don't need pockets.

  2. I have a Malden with lots of pockets but I don't keep much in them: Medical Card / Membership to the Arid Lands Botanic Garden, Koorong Membership Card/ a few(6) business cards and a hardware store discount card. In the back I have a pocket for Petrol Receipts that I have to keep when travelling. But then I also have it stuffed with all sorts of paper and things, like reminders of my Wife's medical appointments ( I have to take her because she does not drive)

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