What’s in my Bag?

I’m a big fan of these what’s in my bag post’s and I’ve been wanting to do one for ages. I had my camera all set up for recording my Book Thoughts post on my other blog so it was quick video rather than take picture’s. If I’d been more organised I would have snapped some pictures afterwards as I know some people like pictures and some like videos. Oh well, maybe next time!

Oh and Hi Marcela! *waves frantically*

0 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?”

  1. Hello Ally! *waves back* 🙂
    You have lots of make up on your purse. I usually just have a Chapstick. The only time you may find lip gloss and powder is when I'm going out for something special.
    You wallet is very neat, mine is like a little piggy. I have too many things in it but it's small like yours, just "chubby". I don't like big wallets.

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