What’s In My Bag? #05

April 3, 2013
(Hello Oscar!)
I’ve just bought a new bag (I know, I know I have issues) so I thought I’d capture everything that I’ve been carrying in my old one. I got this bag because I wanted something bigger for work and I found this beast in Primark for £12 back in February. It’s served me well as I didn’t want to spend £60+ on a big bucket bag that I wasn’t sure I would really like nor use. Which I’m really glad about because while this one is really roomy even with just my essentials in it, it can be quite heavy. Now onto what’s inside.

It looks a lot but it really isn’t and it’s all really needed and used regularly. I’m pretty sure this is the lightest I can get it for a day at work.
Most of this is remains from Easter Sunday, when I worked & went for a walk on the Barbican with Ryan & a friend. Ryan bought us hot drinks to keep us warm and I had ear muffs just in case and a few other things are from Bank Holiday Monday, when I worked the morning shift and then went shopping.

So what’s in your bag?

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