What’s in my Bag? #04

January 13, 2013
I really love these what’s in my bag? post’s/videos. You can see my previous ones here! (Because I’m weird like that.) This one was really from December and was meant to be a Blogmas post but I didn’t use it in the end.
My bag is from TK Maxx for £30 and it’s a FCUK one, I normally like bright coloured bags but I love the neutralness of this one so it’ll go with all my jackets & coats. Oh and I love that it has two outside pockets! The big bottom one hold’s my filofax perfectly so it’s easy to reach when I need to check my to buy list.
Now onto the actual junk in my bag! From the top down.
  1. Broken cupcake keyring
  2. Compact Holburn Filofax in wine & pens in clear filofax wallet
  3. Lipbalm x2
  4. The Body Shop mini hairbrush
  5. My keys, 4head balm & mints
  6. A plastic spoon (for my cups of teas!)
  7. Hc 45 cream
  8. Tesco painkillers
  9. Paperchase foldaway bag
  10. Christmas cards
  11. Kindle in pink case
  12. Acer pen (stolen from Ryan, he got it at an HMV event day)
  13. Tissues
  14. The Body Shop Rose perfume
  15. Garnier hand cream
  16. Hair grips and ties
  17. Plasters (new work shoes!)
  18. J.D Robb Divided in Death (this was my current read and I forgot I had my kindle still in my bag too! I never normally have a book & my kindle on me)
  19. Penguin gloves, you can’t see them very well but so cute & a present off Ryan.
  20. Red hat
  21. Radley purse
  22. & finally my work shirt
That’s everything in my bag! It’s not too heavy but normally I don’t have my kindle and a book in my bag. Also I use my fold up bag to carry my water bottle and my lunch if I’m doing a long day and once I’ve eaten it, it all it get’s folded up and pops right back into my bag! Which comes in handy if I’m going food shopping after work.