Wedding Gift’s…

Today is the day for my Mum’s wedding and the post I wanted to put up wouldn’t work so I’ve had to rethink this post. I was going to post my outfit for the wedding but I’m having technical difficulties so instead I’m posting what I bought my Mum & her partner instead.

It’s all from Paperchase! Their pre-wedding gift is the butterfly scrapbook, pen & butterfly confetti. My Mum is using the scrapbook as guest list as the colours compliment her dress and I’ve written a wedding poem on the first page, and it’s my idea (if it isn’t windy) to use the material butterfly confetti as table confetti.
Then they’re actual wedding gift is the large leather bound traditional photo album & 500 photo corners, which match the scrapbook. As it’s a traditional photo album they need photo corners and I’m hoping 500 will be enough for them. Ryan kindly picked the card for me because I was in charge of the card section I saw all the different wedding cards we had and really couldn’t decide which one to chose. I didn’t want something too smoochie because it disturbed my sensibilities and I found it really hard so I bullied  persuaded Ryan into helping me pick one.
What would you have picked as a wedding gift for a couple who didn’t have a gift list?

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