Wedding Dress

October 8, 2011

I don’t think I’ ve mentioned this here yet but next year my Mum’s getting married and while I was visiting for the week my Mum and I started looking at wedding dresses for her. She wanted a 1940′s style dress that hit the knee and was off the shoulder and cream lace after about an hour looking online all I could find was floor length dresses liked she wanted and my Mum wasn’t up for that so I encouraged her to just have a random look at what other type of dresses were out there and I opened the Monsoon’s bridal dresses and bob’s your uncle she fell in love with a dress and we ordered it straight away.

It’s cream with beaded and sequined hem and neckline in blue, silver and a slightly gold colour. It was £160 and my Mum chose next day delivery and the service was great and it’s such a beautiful dress. Here’s the link to the dress if you want a closer look at the sequin and beaded hem and neckline.