Wedding Diary: Conversations

August 11, 2015
With only 72 days until we finally tie the knot I thought I’d post some wedding related things. It’s true that you can have the weirdest and most annoying conversations when the w word is involved.
Here are some wedding related conversations from my side. I want to say this is tongue in cheek, but it’s sadly not, these have been some of my honest responses to people’s, including my other half’s comments on our upcoming wedding.
Don’t ask me who’s walking me down the aisle, no seriously stop asking me!!!
Only three months to go, yes I am aware, no I’m not excited, no it doesn’t feel like it’s right round the corner, no I don’t have a to-do list. No it’s still not exciting!
You’ve got a new girlfriend, good for you, no you can’t invite her to our wedding, but you’ve already said she can come, boohoo for you, I offered you a plus one and you didn’t want one. You’re problem not mine.
What do you mean you didn’t get your wedding ring covered? What is wrong with you! No, I’ll do it. No I said I’d do it, no don’t you worry about it.
My wedding dress is making me itchy! Can I take it off yet? Now? How about now?
What hen do? I have like five friends what am I going to do with five people when I don’t want to go out and get drunk? Oh a spa day! Ok let’s do that!
No I haven’t asked X to walk me down the aisle yet. You haven’t told X I want him too, that’s ok because I want to do it. Yes, I’ll do it soon! {still haven’t done it!}
R and T have navy suits, B has a grey suit and J want’s to buy a new one. J says he’ll buy a grey one to match B. That’s so sweet, thanks J.
Announces we’re on a month long wedding break. No-one mention the W word for the entire month!
Text message from R’s Mum G has a grey suit does he need a navy suit? No. He’s not in the wedding party.
Phone conversation from my Mum, R has a grey suit does he need a navy suit? No. He’s not in the wedding party.
Text message from B. Should I buy a navy suit?
*slaps forehead*
Ask me in a month we’re on a wedding break!
What do you mean we’re not getting married any more because we can’t agree on the design of the wedding invitations? That better be a joke or I’m going to kill you!
Are you still coming to our wedding? What do you mean your not sure?
Are you sill coming to our wedding? What do you mean your only coming for one day? It’s a seven hour trip one way, it’d mean you’d have to leave before we even get married! Where is the logic in that?
You still don’t want to look at bridesmaid dresses, no that’s ok, it’s not like it’s only three months till the big day, you still want to loose weight, well it’s not like you couldn’t get the dress altered nearer the time, no ok we’ll wait a bit longer.
Why can’t I buy that wedding sign? It’s cute. What do you mean where would we hang it? In the venue! Why are we leaving without buying the sign?
Why has the date for your stag do changed three time? I was going to get L to come and trial my hair, can you please sort it out? What do you mean you’re not going on your stag do? That better be a groom-zilla moment or I’ll kill you! 

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