Tis the Season…

June 10, 2013
It’s that time of year again. Hay fever abound and summer colds. What misery. Well for me anyway. I can’t win really right now. If I’m not dugged up to my eyeballs with hay fever medication I’m full of cold. Which I caught from the lovely ladies at work. Three of them had it so I was bound to get it eventually I suppose.
I’ve been super lucky because I didn’t catch a cold during the winter months, but maybe that’s why my cold has been rather exhausting this time round. Lucky for me my guy has been super great looking after me and cooking tea every night!
My cure or ways of surviving a cold are always really similar, tissues galore, lemsips, olbas oil, orange juice, some sort of spicy food. Recently it’s M&S hot & spicy chicken noodle soup. Hot as you can take them showers or baths and for when sore throats strike mouthwash, some form of Covonia cough medicine{you really don’t want to know how many bottles of this I own} and if it’s really bad a throat numbing spray. Although the spray wears off quickly if you spend a lot of time talking to people, which I do in the retail industry but I still really like it.

Do you have any methods for dealing with summer colds or hay fever?

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