Throw Back Thursday!

me & ryan
January 1st 2006. New Years Day. Possibly around 2 or 3am.
I’m rather drunk and Ryan is tired from working all night.
I was out with a very dear friend, who was mutual friends with Ryan.
She wanted to say hello and wish him a happy new year and ask him something and even though we went to Secondary School and Sixth Form together and I used to serve him in the Bakery I worked and he would serve me in the Cocktail Bar he worked at, and he was best friends with an old childhood friend, this was the first time I really talked to him. For longer than 2 minutes.
I want to say instantly we clicked, and we may have but I was so drunk and happy I blurted out how I had a crush on him in Secondary School and we swapped numbers that night and he text me at 4:30am that morning making sure my friend and I got home safe and told me how he enjoyed talking with me and hoping we could do it again before I went back to University.
Neither of us ever thought anything would ever come of it but here we are 8 years later, about to get married in the spring!
Which is possibly why this photo means so much to me, because it’s before, before everything happened and it was full of the things that led us to where we are today!

That’s my #tbt, if you’ve posted one I’d love for you to leave a link!

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