Thoughts On: Six Months Of Married Life

April 25, 2016

This weekend made it six whole months since we got married. I want to say married life is hard, I want to say married life is so completely different you need to prepare yourself, I want to say married life isn’t what you think it is but honestly they would all be lies.

Married life, for us has been no different than before we got married.

We’ve been together 10 years and have been living together for 7 years this September. That’s a pretty long time. We’ve spent out entire 20’s together and to be honest we’ve grown used to each others quirks and accepted things about each other that 7 years ago, when we were living together, just us for the first time, really bugged us and caused many arguments.

We’re so passed all of that now.

We’re not perfect by any means and we do still argue. Of course we do, but most of the time it’s due to my hormones and when it isn’t, I can’t argue with Ryan without laughing or biting my tongue to stop me from laughing. It’s just that in the grand scheme of things, and everything we’ve been through stupid arguments, about who left the mayonnaise out (it’s always Ryan) or why kitchen light is on when no-one is in the kitchen (it’s always me) just don’t seem that serious.

So what has been the biggest problem of married life?

For me, it’s been the change of my name. Especially when we’re now in an environment where we don’t sign our names all that often and several times I’ve still signed my maiden name and then been like ‘oh shit that’s wrong’ and had to scribble it out and resign and try and make a joke of it.

For Ryan, it’s been getting used to wearing his wedding ring. He’s not a jewellery kind of guy and he finds his wedding ring quite heavy, he often jokes about how it weighs his hand down. Although he likes his ring he is often playing with it and dropping it, which gets him into trouble.

Nothing very exciting or drama worthy really and we’re so very ok with that.


Thoughts On: Six Months Of Married Life