The Year in Review…

January 2, 2013

When I think back on 2012 it just keeps whirling in my head that I didn’t meet the goals I personally wanted to achieve. Maybe I set the bar too high or maybe I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have to meet them. Both could be true. Yet when I see it written down 2012 wasn’t that much as a disappointment as I first thought. 2012 really has become a stepping stone in my eyes, it’s been a great place for my life to truly kick start now I know what direction I’m headed in and I’m hoping that 2013 will follow through being just as great with the rest of my plans as 2012 has been. I’m excited for these new changes 2013 will bring and although I will be sad with some of them, I can’t help but want to embrace them because it will mean a better future for Ryan and I and it will also bring us closer to reaching our goal of getting married in 2015!

In February I turned 26got engaged & got a permanent position at Paperchase!
In March I did an open course with The Open University with mixed results.
In April we added a new addition to the family.
In May Ryan & I finally took a mini holiday to catch up with an old friend and his girlfriend and they took us to Dumbleton Hall Hotel as an engagement gift.
In June we popped back up North for my Mum’s wedding and celebrated Ryan’s birthday too!
In August I participated in the August Break and shared my collection of journals.
I also talked about what Papa T would have missed this year.
In September we looked around our first and possible wedding venue!
And Oscar ate my sunflowers.
In November our apartment sprung a new damp patch and our bedroom leaked.
In December I participated in Blogmas and talked about trying on my first wedding dress, Oscar and Evie fell in love and started sharing the same cage, finally! I went on my work night out and forgot to mention it never mind blog about it! And our fire alarm went off twice in just a few days before Christmas making me really cranky. I also cooked my first Christmas dinner, with much success!
In 2013 I’m excited to celebrate 8 years together with Ryan, to have a full week off work with zero plans! For Ryan to graduate from Plymouth University, my Mum and her husband to come and visit, to attend one of my dearest’s friends wedding, to pop back up North to visit both our families.
I’m sure there will be many other things I’ll be excited for but these are the main ones we already have planned out for 2013.