The Year: 2013

I needed a bit of a space from the end of 2013, after working so much during November and December I wanted to clear my head, relax and recoup.
2013 wasn’t a bad year, my family came to visit, Ryan graduated Plymouth University with a 2:1, most of his family that was able came to celebrate this special day with us. The ones that didn’t came and surprised us during November to see Plymouth’s fireworks for Bonfire night. Healthy, happy bunnies.
But it wasn’t a great year either, family dramas, a consistent leak every time there was heavy rain, financial struggles, friendship dramas and a big lack of hours at work.
While every year has it’s ups and downs I was happy to see the back of 2013 and although I’m writing this 18 days into 2014 I think it’s going to be a better year by far.
I’m happy to dust my hands off from 2013 and start fresh with 2014, I hope you are too!

P.S. I had to be really mean and only pick 6 pictures this year otherwise there would be a 100 or so to sum up 2013 but I think the pictures I chose really showed what 2013 was about.

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