The Weekly Post – The Sickly Post

I can’t believe it’s August, nor can I believe this week is finally over with. Time is just flying by!
I spent most of this week in bed with a mixture of period, endometriosis and IBS flare ups. So I think this is going to be a short week of things that have made me happy because most of the time I was in pain, stuck on the toilet, with diarrhoea or throwing up. I haven’t been able to leave the house for an entire week either. It has not been a fun week at all!
1. Good films. Like Shrek, Home, Insurgent and Olympus Has Fallen has kept my mind away from the pain.
2. Ryan <3 for taking care of me, holding me and buying me flowers to try and cheer me up.
3. Cold breezes.
4. Lucozade sport, orange flavour.
5. A certain friend who don’t mind and understands TMI text messages and gives good advice about useless doctors.
6. Sleep. I’ve slept a lot this week. My body has needed it.
Hope you’re week was better than mine! xo

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