The Weekly Post – The I Actually Got to Leave the House Edition

December 19, 2015
Of course this is late and sadly isn’t this week’s but is in fact from 7th to the 12th December, of course this is late because it’s been that time of the month, oh joy of joys also #stillnotpregnant!
I wrote a full post to go with this photo as it was a part of my day in the life, where my husband (still not used to saying that) took me out for a drink and we had a really wonderful time!
I say I’m addicted to these, it’ not addicted in a good way and that’s not because these are unhealthy, it’s because I’m lazy and these are super simple to make. Gluten and wheat free pizza bases, topped with Ryan’s home-made tomato sauce (which is so good!) some form of cheese, this time it was mozzarella and a sprinkling of sweetcorn. Come to mama!
We bought a new tree and I finally started wrapping presents and writing cards. I’m not sure if I’m organised this year at all but when we were in Hull at the end of November for my serious hospital appointment I bought my first Christmas present for the little dude and I was so happy to have it sat and wrapped under our tree.
Oh god Evie kills me with her cuteness! I know Evie loved me before, but we’ve really bonded since losing Oscar and she’s really come into herself a bit more now too. She does things that I never thought she’d do but she’s always loved snuggling under bedding, blankets and clothes and she still does. She was sat right under me when she did this.
One of my friends from Plymouth came to stay with us on Thursday to Saturday, although neither of us live in Plymouth any more, it was pretty awesome to see her after nearly two years apart. Although we text every single day. We met Christa at the train station after posting Christmas cards and popping for a cheeky Costa (loving there mango smoothies!) as her train was running late. On the way home we popped in to KFC for something to eat, I’m pretty addicted to these rice boxes and there only 10.5 syns!
I ended up starting my period on Friday so couldn’t go with her to get her tattoo done in Leeds (you can she her tattoo here, it’s seriously awesome but not finished yet!) so on Saturday, after both of us got a bit drugged up (and I mean painkillers! Her for her tattoo and me for my cramps) we popped down the road to Coffeeboy to get something to eat and drink before she headed to the train station to go back home. I’m really enjoying Coffeeboy’s Chilli Jam and Brie sandwiches while there honeycomb hot chocolate’s are delicious they are quite sickly (for me) thank god I didn’t get cream.
Grabbing a quick selfie before Christa had to catch her train. It was so lovely to see her and catch up and hopefully it won’t be quite as long till the next time we see each other.
Hope you had a lovely week!

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