The Weekly Post – The Bunny Edition

This isn’t the best picture, because I have to be quick when Evie kicks back like this as any sudden moves and she turns back over. But how freaking cute and how white is her little tummy?! 
Evie and I have spent a lot of time together this week as Ryan’s been doing the late, late shift this week, as in doesn’t finish till 9pm, I defiantly don’t miss working in retail.
I have this snack a lot and I mean at least once a week if not more. Half an apple and a teaspoon of nutella. I don’t remember how many syns this is for the nutella but honestly I just don’t care, partly because I’m trying to put weight on and partly because, erm hello, nutella!
My husband had his Christmas night out on Wednesday and because he knew I wasn’t doing too well and he’d had a few drinks I got the sweetest message from him. He’s a keeper for sure!
Seriously she’s just so cute! Ryan pulled down the spare duvet so we could sit on the floor with Evie and she could get some love but when Ryan got up to get ready for work she got annoyed she wasn’t getting any more love and cocked her ear up waiting to hear for him to come back. She’s such a little diva!
Friday was the first night I could go back to eating real food instead of just snacking. Having my periods really fuck me up, in so many ways. Thanks endometriosis! Anyway this is a serious favourite of mine, it’s a slimming world recipe, of course, that I plan sharing soon! But it’s so good and is much better than store bought crispy chicken.
This isn’t my picture but over the last few weeks, just before the little dude turned one. his Mum had been sending me videos of him with his walker and then walking on his own. Now he’s walking everywhere and is into everything! I’ve really missed being able to see him, and his Mum too! Especially over the last few months as he’s been hitting some many milestones but hopefully next year will be better.
This is from yesterday, I bought Evie’s toilet down to clean, she’s toilet trained it’s a great perk about bunnies. But she decided very last minute that she wasn’t done with the hay in there and kept hopping back in and out for most of the morning before she’d let me clean it for her.
This week I’ve left out all the moaning and whining about not being well because it’s a give really isn’t it? There have been a few spots this week where my health was better than usual but honestly I was in agony most of the week and on Monday night my left ovary had me in tears and that was really how the week went. Stupid ovary.
Hope you had a great week!

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