March 6, 2016

Hello, hello. The past two weeks I’ve been so exhausted. It doesn’t help that I generally only get four solid hours of sleep a night and I’ve nearly constantly got ovary pain now so sleep is all I’ve wanted to do. Which has made motivation and actually having a life really hard. Lucky the last two nights I had a solid seven hours sleep and even woke up one morning without any ovary pain. You don’t realise how amazing it is until it happens.
Tuesday’s tend to always be Coffee Boy days and I really enjoy this little break from working at home and having a reason to get out of the house.
I met Ryan for lunch one day and we ended up getting some food in House of Fraser for a change. Which was really nice.
Last weekend my husband booked four days off so on Saturday we went to the cinema and saw Deadpool which was really good but I wish someone had told me about all the gore.
We also watched Man From Uncle, I used to watch the TV show when I was a kid, (Duckie from NCIS used to be the blonde agent!) It was really good and I really enjoyed it.
We also finally watched Spectre but I seriously did not enjoy it at all. Which is a bit sad because it’s said to be Daniel Craig’s last Bond film.
One of my favourite things from the last two weeks has to be those jelly beans from Lidl. You get a really big bag and the flavours are awesome. Apple was my favourite! Great for watching lots of films.
It snowed on Friday! It was so awesome. It didn’t last all day but I went out in the heavy snow and loved it! I’m such a snow baby.
While they’ve been all the good and happy things over the last two weeks, there are a couple of bad things. There’s been a leak coming from our bathroom, which we thought was fixed but clearly isn’t from the state of our kitchen ceiling. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Our oven is on the fritz too and has been for a while so our landlord has bought us a new one which is coming on Tuesday!
Hope you all had a lovely week! xo
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