The Weekly Post – Christmas Edition

How pretty is this picture? It’s my Mum’s living room and made me a little homesick for Christmas for the first time in years. We don’t go back to our families home’s for Christmas we stay home as usually Ryan is back to work on Boxing Day but this year he got three days off in a row! So it was a pretty special Christmas for me this year.

My Mum came to visit and swap Christmas present the Sunday before Christmas and brought with her my favourite mince pies ever from Thomas the Bakers! I savoured these. Partly because I woke up at 5:20am and ended up being super ill so couldn’t really eat them for a little while.

Started to feel better so managed to do myself up and take a selfie, it’s super rare that I’m well or that I take a selfie nowadays anyway!

I made these amazing Slimming World meatballs, it made so many that there was lots of leftovers for lunches. Can’t wait to make them again!

How freaking cute is Evie? While I was wrapping the last of the Christmas presents, Evie decided she just had to attack all the wrapping paper so I distracted her with a Primark bag. I thought it was clever.

Christmas presents from friends = <3

Christmas Eve selfie with my husband of us both in our new Christmas jammies, it was my turn to buy them this year. Freaking hated choosing them for myself.

Christmas dinner! Primarily cooked by my husband as I was Skyping with my Mum. It was a lovely dinner with regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, chicken, carrot and swede, peas and yorkshire puds.

Argh, how cute is the little dude now? He’s just turned a year and I haven’t seen him for months but I sent his Christmas present to his Mum and she sent me pictures on Christmas day of him playing with the car and monkey. She said he spent all morning playing with it so it really made my Christmas.

Boxing Day buffet for my husband and myself, was a nicely lazy couple of days off with my husband and we both just got to relax.
A little disappointed that I didn’t really take any Christmas-y pictures this year but ah I can get over it.
Hope Christmas week was amazing for you!

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