The Weekly Post: Birthday Edition

February 7, 2016

I’ve had such an amazing week!
I turned the big 3-0 this week!

In the world of retail, holidays run Sunday to the following Saturday and my husband always gets my birthday week off so I’ve spent an amazing week doing lots of fun things with him.

Last Sunday my Mum and Step-Dad came to visit and brought my birthday gifts with them and of course my Mum brought me flowers! They also brought their Vax and Ryan went a little crazy trying to clean the carpets. He also made Nigella’s lasagne for lunch which was really nice apart from the egg in it, why is there egg in it? I hate eggs, actually It’s not just eggs I don’t really like dairy very much at all. Ryan also baked a ginger cake but we didn’t get chance to eat it then and gave them half of the cake to take home.

On Monday while the weather was nice I treated Ryan to burgers at the Slug and Lettuce, because a) 50% off food on Mondays, b) I’ve wanted to go since I saw there was one in Huddersfield and c) it brought back lots of fond memories as we used to go to the one in York when I was at University there. Slug and Lettuce’s burgers were really nice and their sweet potato fries were to die for. The service was really good too and we didn’t have to wait ages for food even though it was busy and I know this is weird but I really wanted to take home one of their chairs with me! They were so cute and comfy.

On Wednesday I turned the big 3-0! Thanks for the birthday wishes Google. Sadly I wasn’t as well as we’d hoped as Ryan had wanted to take me to Betty’s in York where he took me for my 21st, my idea of heaven! Instead we went on a little walk round our neighbourhood and popped to Coffee Boy for a light lunch and so I could feed my addiction of their mango smoothies, which are divine! We then went on a slightly longer walk which just made my ovary hurt worse than it already was. Stupid ovary! We came home, relaxed, Skyped my Mum, ate a birthday cupcake, ordered Chinese food and didn’t do anything very exciting. I received some amazing presents. My main present from my Mum was the Jane Austen Clothbound Classics and my husband bought me a super shiny silver bangle that he got inscribed with a personal message. I received some really lovely other gifts too but I’m saving them for another post.

The rest of the week was full of rain, wind, ovary pain, eating nutella birthday cake and working, of course.

So I was really pleased on Saturday when our post man knocked on our door with post! I received a belated birthday card from a friend, the book A Grief Observed as a birthday present from one of my brothers-in-law, which I can’t wait to read and know it will make me cry and a review book. Then Ryan and I popped into town so I could take a top back and he could get The Scorched Trials as his pick for film date night and some sweets to watch with it. We re-watched The Maze Runner before as Ryan couldn’t remember how it ended.

All in all a really good week! I know next week is going to suck as it’s lady week and I’m really trying to gear myself up for all the pain and illness it’s going to bring but I’m really wishing it would just not happen this month.

Hope you all had a lovely week!

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