The Weekly Post – A&E Edition

November 22, 2015

There’s no real gratitude or happy list this week as  I’ve been so ill these past two weeks, it’s knocked me off kilter a bit to be honest.

Yes I get ill often, thanks to my endometriosis but my body is normally good at bouncing back from my bouts of illness. These last two weeks though, my body has struggled to recover. Maybe because there hasn’t been much of a break between my bouts of being sick and therefore my body has stayed in an exhausted state or because it’s happening so often now my body isn’t able to fight back like it has been. So on Tuesday I ended up in A&E. Which was an experience in itself.

One I’d rather not repeat any time soon and not because my G.P. closed early and I had to ring 111 or that the very nice lady on 111 sent an ambulance that I don’t think was very necessary or because when we got to A&E the medical team didn’t really know what to do with me or because they thought giving me one painkiller would help with the pain or because they lost my charts and I got forgotten about and my husband had to remind them I was there because I was in too much pain to move or because I spent three hours waiting for blood results which we were told would only take an hour, but because though they wanted too there really wasn’t much they could do to help. I felt like I’d wasted their time and mine. So I got sent home with a nausea prescription as I hadn’t eaten in two days, tried to eat some food then promptly threw up said prescription and food and my husband tucked me into bed.

From Wednesday till Friday I basically stayed in bed, sleeping, trying to recover and only eating chicken noodle soup as it was the only thing I could keep down. Now I’m slowly but happily starting to feel more human.

Here’s hoping next week is a hell of a lot better!

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