The Perfect Engagement Ring

October 25, 2011

Come January my partner and I will have been together for seven years, seven years (one last time) seven freaking years! I’m a bit freaked out by the seven year mark if you couldn’t tell! The five year mark didn’t bother me nor did the six year mark but the seven year mark is making me nervous and need to take a huge gulp of air before panic sets in. However, I’ve never been in a longer or happier relationship than the one I’m in right now with Mr MonkeyFace and that’s what matter’s.

One of the reasons I may be a little apprehensive is that over the last six+ months we’ve been looking for the perfect engagement ring which will eventually mean marriage which will lead to a lot of things I’m so not ready for right now. Anyway, I think we’ve finally hit gold and found the perfect engagement ring for us (me!). It was with thanks to Mr MonkeyFace’s Mum when we went back North to visit family and friends and his Mum was showing us some rings in a store that sells Pandora jewellery (but isn’t just a Pandora store) and I fell head over heels in love.

18ct White Gold & Diamond Pave 1 Pod Ring

It is in fact a Pandora ring and it hits all of Mr MonkeyFace’s requirements (man he was pickier than I was!) and of course my own. Now for the sad but also not so sad part. Although we’ve found the perfect ring and we really want to get it we’re not ready yet and we (he) can’t afford to right now or possibly any time soon. Mr MonkeyFace has just gone back for his second year of University and his hours at work have now been cut to weekends which means luxury’s such as this are beyond our means and may be for quite a while longer.

Picture taken from John Greed Jewellery