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I’m quite determined to get an English Literature degree, it’s a sort of dream of mine (is that a bit weird?)  but I haven’t had any luck going down the usual University route.

I attended York St John’s University in 2005 but ended up leaving due to suffering from Endometriosis and missing so many classes that my grades we’re so low that it didn’t look possible for me to get higher than a 3rd when I graduated so I left without completing my second year. When Ryan made the decision that he wanted to study sailing I thought I’d give University another go only sadly I had to take a month out halfway through the course due to my Dad’s death and when I tried to return I was just too far behind to catch-up. So I re-enrolled for the following year and again only completed my first year. This time it has nothing to do with ill health but a total lack of funds! When I first started University in 2005 University fees were £1,200ish  now fees are at £3,300 come September they’ll have risen to £9,000!

If it isn’t obvious I don’t have that sort of money nor would it be possible for me to get it and I’ve used three or the four years worth of funding I’m allowed and struggled to pay last year’s fees without the help of Ryan and my Mum so it was painfully obvious to myself that even if I wanted to go to University this September it just wasn’t possible so I ummed and arghed for ages deciding what to do. Before moving down to Plymouth I’d thought about signing up to The Open University, but nothing ever really came from it. So I found myself in a situation where I could give up my dream of obtaining an English degree or I could try The OU route. I talked it over with Ryan, my Mum and her partner then phoned The OU who were super at answering all my questions giving me options and lots of information.

Within a matter of days I’d signed up for an Openings course to see if it would work for me. I was very lucky as I’d left it quite late to start the March one but there were still a few spaces and I managed to get on to it. As my Openings course Making Sense of the Arts ends in July I’ll have enough time, if I like it to enrol for their English Literature degree which starts in October!

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