The Little Things

January 16, 2015
Shark Ethan from Jade 
1. Little Dude finally had his surgery and is doing ok.
My best friend’s little boy has been very ill as he’s had Pyloric Stenosis which means he’s been unable to keep down any of his milk and was vomiting a lot and needed surgery on his wee little tummy. He spent a week in Leeds hospital and has finally been allowed home this week.

2. I got Columbo for Christmas and I’m halfway through and loving it.
I’ve seen more episode’s than I thought I had but I’m still watching them all.

wedding dress came 

3. I bought my wedding dress!
It came on Wednesday and I’m having a love/hate relationship with it right now. First I about broke my arm trying to get into it never mind trying to get out of it. Second rather surprisingly it needs taking in, in the bust and waist and I was going to have it taken up but now I’m not sure. Thirdly and finally it’s extremely girly, it’s lacey with sparkles and it’s got a pink/peach under-thing under it and there’s pink corset laces at the back. It’s very different than what I set my heart on nearly 3 years ago.

4. It’s my birthday soon.
I’m going to be.. actually let’s not mention age. I’m getting cold feet about a lot of things right now and my birthday is right up there. However, I’m mainly asking for experiences for my birthday not gifts, although my Mum has still demanded a present list but I want to go for lunch with my Mum and her husband, I want to visit The Deep, I also want to visit Beverly for the day.

5. My body has finally been beaten and I’m getting that cold everyone has already had.
I’ve been trying so hard not to get sick, drinking fresh orange juice, staying wrapped up warm, eating right blah, blah, blah. But my body has finally succumbed and I feel like I’ve swallowed barbed wire.


6. I’m on a bad reading steak and it’s p***ing me off!
Yes, yes. I read romance and it’s not all good. But really the last two books I read clearly either didn’t have editor’s or really needed better ones because seriously I wanted to punch someone in the face for all the mistakes that were there, and for once there wasn’t anything wrong with the actual storyline’s! Which makes it even more frustrating.
So I’m currently having a little reading break and then will either read a J.D Robb In Death book or a Kevin Hearne The Iron Druid Chronicles book because at least I know I can enjoy those!

I’ve missed these posts! I think I’m going to try and do one every other week if not every week because some weeks the most exciting thing is just eating pizza and the bunnies being cute {which they are really good at}.

Let me know the little things that have made your week!

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