The Little Things

Bunny Playpen
1. Bunny Playpen
The first thing I bought with my first pay check was this playpen for Oscar and Evie. So they had some extra room while we were both at work and not stuck in just their cages. They both love it so much, even when we’re home they still sit in it.
Mum's birthday dinner
2. Family Time
The first weekend of September was my Mum’s birthday! I wanted to spend it together and offered to go through to visit but she wanted to come through and go out of something nice to eat and we definitely did. Was so great to spend my Mum’s birthday with her. The first one in four years!
Festive in Death
3. Festive in Death
I was super lucky to be offered an early copy of Festive in Death from the Little, Brown Book Group! Now I’m finally feeling better I can’t wait to get into it!
4. Ryan + Flowers
I’ve been super lucky girl these last three weeks. I got a really bad nasty virus and basically have spent the last week and half in bed recovering. Ryan has been amazing. When I was trying to go to work and doing 9 hour days Ryan would meet me from work and sometimes walk me to work as well. He cooked, he cleaned, he looked after me and bought me some lovely flowers too! I don’t know what I’d have done without him.
our convos
5. Our conversations
Because they’ve cheered me up and made me smile. Except where Ryan and my Dr were pretty insistent that eating some bananas would really help my stomach. I really dislike bananas!

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