The Little Things

film ticket 
1. Guardians of the Galaxy film & Soundtrack
My other half dragged me off to see Guardians of the Galaxy film a while ago but I really want to see it again because it wasn’t love but I’ve been addicted to listening to the soundtrack when I’m cooking in the kitchen since seeing it. It’s warm fuzzy’s in a different way and it’s definitely a grower {the film I mean}.
Gluten & wheat free pizza 
2. Low fodmap diet
After my really bad virus and eating lots of ‘safe’ bland foods, that weren’t on my low fodmap list I’ve decided to jump back on the low fodmap diet. It works for me and it makes my tummy happy what more do I need! Pretty addicted {that means once a week!} to these gluten & wheat free pizza bases that I can add my own toppings to.
3. Planning!

We’ve got a holiday coming up in October and I’m so excited for it. We’re going back to our home town and staying with my Mum. Were going to visit family and friends and book something very special while we’re there! Exciting and it’s taking a lot of planning.

Baby book 

4. Baby books
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but my best friend is pregnant. She’s due to have a baby in 8 weeks! I’m so excited! First she’s the first one of my closest friends to have a baby and second I’ve been buying books for the little tot because everyone else has bought her clothes and well I like books.
Any recommendations would be great though! I’ve already bought a few such as two bath books, a Paddington Bear book, a truck book and a book about a penguin called Freddie along with the book Ryan picked above, I’d love to get her a few more though as she’s just bought some bookends for them too.

Book room 

5. Book Room Rearrange
It really is the little things that make me happy in life. Rearranging my book room for the third time since moving is right up there right now.

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