The Little Things


1. This notebook

For planning everything! Making sure I’m on top of all my lists and blog planning and staying organised because there is just too much going on right now.

2. It’s in His Kiss by Jill Shalvis
I can’t stop talking about this book! I like this series, some books are better than others but this is the first book that I’ve really really loved and think is amazing! Also super cute cover for the book.

3. Larkin Poe
I got a message from my other half saying he thought I might like Larkin Poe and to check them out on Spotify. It is love! They are an American rock band made up of two sisters and I’m really liking they’re music. 

4. Doughnuts!
The amount of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were consumed this week were two! We hardly ever have them but they are my biggest weakness. Ry finished work early and we had some time to kill before meeting his brother from the train station and as it’s just next door to the train station Ry treated me to a raspberry doughnut which was super nice. Then the next day we found ourselves in St Stephans and ended up back in Krispy Kreme. I got a caramel one that time!

Family Doughnuts

5. Family Time

One of Ryan’s brothers came to visit us for two nights this week and it’s just so nice to have family time. Doughnuts, dinner out, drinks and giggles. The best. At one point all of Ryan’s brothers were online playing Destiny so it was a little like they had all come to visit swearing at each other and calling each other names. Ahhha family time!

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