The Little Things #42

April 5, 2019

Had a good week? The Little Things is all about the little things that have made my week. Looking for the positive in the every day can really help when you want to be more positive and/or have mental health issues or want to focus more on the positive in life. Here are some of the little things from my week that has made my week.

Vimto Bon-Bons

Anything vimto flavoured and I am there. It’s been a while since I’ve found some vimto bon-bons but I did not hesitate to snap them up! And I was really good too. I shared them with my hubby and didn’t eat them all in one day either.


I haven’t really talked about this much but on Saturday 23rd March my husband and I bid farewell to Southport. It’s the shortest stay we’ve had in any place we’ve lived, just short of 15 months and honestly, I’m fighting tears writing this because I loved living in Southport and our apartment was amazing and honestly has been one of my favourite place’s we’ve lived to date. Southport is an amazing little seaside town, with some wonderful people and we’ve created some wonderful memories while we lived there. I’m grateful and thankful we got to live there even if it was only for 15 month’s.

Weekly Planning

I’ve recently been planning my week a bit differently in my bullet journal. It’s only been for three weeks but I’ve been enjoying this new way of planning. It’s been a hectic three weeks too with packing up our entire apartment, my ongoing health issues and my husband going to interviews but it’s helped organise what’s going on and even though a lot of things didn’t get done it was good to see how I much I could get done in a day when I focused and ruled out social media.


I’ve been an inconsistent journal-er since I was at least 11 years old but it brings me so much joy and it helps me to bring a deeper connection with myself and I’m really trying to journal more consistently by trying to journal for 100 days in a row. I love journaling but sometimes I just don’t have the words but I know when I push myself to find the words I get such a deeper connection with myself that makes me feel so happy. So far it’s only been a few days but I’m enjoying it.


Oh Evie! Our poor little love has an abscess on her tooth and needs to have it removed. We’ve been to two Vets and have been referred to a specialist to get it removed and while yes she is in pain and she’s not happy about the three medicines she has to have (two are once a day and one is three times a day) she is still being loving and sweet and cute and I love her even more for it.

What have been the little things that have made your week this week?