The Little Things #41

March 22, 2019

Had a good week? The Little Things is all about the little things that have made my week. Looking for the positive in the every day can really help when you want to be more positive and/or have mental health issues or want to focus more on the positive in life. Here are some of the little things from my week that has made my week.

Those Matalan Dungarees

Have you seen those Matalan Dungarees that have been making the rounds on Instagram over the last few months? I think Hannah Gale was to blame but I found a pair when we stayed with family in Warrington for a week and oh my god they are so comfy! Everyone seems to be getting the black ones but I got the denim and I love them.

Re-watching Food Wars

My hubby got me into anime near the end of 2017 and we’ve watched some amazing anime’s, some strange ones and some god awful ones. But Food Wars has been one of my favourite ones. It’s about a 17-year-old boy in Japan who works in a Japanese eatery with his Dad and they have food battles and the Dad can see the kids talent and sends him off to a cookery school to learn and exceed and the kids at the school can battle each other with food wars. It’s really good and better than I’m actually describing it.
Go watch it.

Lemon and Ginger Tea

I love lemon and ginger tea. Most of the time I drink peppermint to aid digestion but lemon and ginger is just as good and really helps when I’m battling nausea too but it also tastes really good even without those other helpful benefits. I really love the Pukka Lemon, Ginger and Honey tea as I like the sweetness too it and don’t find the ginger too strong and sharp.

Social Media Break

Over the weekend I took a bit of a social media break. It was really unplanned but I felt so much better for it as I didn’t realise how much it was affecting my mental health even though I LOVE all the people I follow on Instagram I’m always worrying about the content I post and therefore stress myself out about the whole thing but taking a step back and not posting was such a relief and with everything else going on in my life right now I didn’t need more stress.

What have been the little things that have made your week this week?