The Little Things #40

I started writing The Little Things back in 2012 they transformed into Happy List posts but really they’re the same thing and I really want to bring them back.


Well as usual there is so much going on in my life business, personal and health and a lot of it is out of my control and there isn’t much I can do so I want to take back control where I can but I also want to focus on the good, happy, sweet, cute and wonderful things that happen week by week because no matter how bad it gets there is always some good!

Making Big Life Decisions

Back in February, my husband got made redundant and it’s resulted in us having a good hard look at where we are and where we want to be and what he wants to do. I won’t lie it’s been tough. More days than not I’ve had a tear stained face but on Monday we finally make the big decision and are once again packing up our lives and moving. This time closer to home.
Since we moved back up North in 2014 we’ve always had the goal to get closer to our home town but the thing is we’ll never be as close as our families want us to be because it’s a small tourist seaside town and at the end of the day there just aren’t enough job opportunities there but this move does get us closer.

Launching My New Coaching Package

Some of you might have seen my launch of my new 1:1 coaching package in my newsletter and me mention it on Instagram and it feels so good but scary to have it out there. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week for sure.

All The Hot Chocolate

I don’t drink caffeine and haven’t for about 7+ years and for the last 3-ish years I’ve given up fizzy drinks. Which I often find difficult when I’m out and about. I drink a lot of herbal tea mostly peppermint and lemon and ginger so it’s a bit of a treat when I have a hot chocolate. Which I do tend to have most often in the Winter and cooler months but this week I’ve had several hot chocolates and I was so grateful for the one I had on Wednesday when it was cold and windy. A lovely way to stay warm.

Writing weekly emails to my list again.

It’s been a while since this was a regular feature. I started my newsletters with the idea they would be fortnightly but more often than not I don’t know what to say so I tend to be sporadic which isn’t any help to anyone but this week I had a content storming session, which I totally recommend by the way, and have come up with some great content to share.
You can join my list here or you can join my free 21 day self-care challenge here!

Scaling Back My Self-Care

If you’ve followed for a while, especially on Instagram you’ll know how self-care has been really vital to my day to day life and health and I’ve often had days filled with self-care or spent a great deal of time on my self-care but right now I’ve had to scale back on the amount of time I can spend on my self-care and I worried I wouldn’t cope well because I am still sick (hello abscess number 3 in 7 weeks!) but I’ve adjusted and adapted really well.
I’m super proud of myself because I don’t feel like I’ve thrown myself back into hustle, hustle, hustle mode but I’m not in rest mode either. I’m having a lovely balance between the two right now and I really hope I can keep it up.

What are the little things that have made your week?

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