The Little Things

November 21, 2014
Hot Water Bottles
1. Hot Water Bottles
I didn’t realise how many I had, but they’ve been great from keeping warm and for when I’ve been ill which has been all of this week. Which has been making me pretty miserable.

2. NaBloPoMo
I’ve been enjoying National Blog Posting Month but because I’ve been so ill this week I’ve missed a few days which has made me a little bit sad I’m hoping to try and keep it up for what’s left of the month!

3. 5 days!
My best friend’s baby is due in 5 days. Are daily conversations go like this: 
Any contractions yet?
No but I’ve got a foot in my ribs.
Any contractions yet?
Nope but I can’t bend over any more.
4. Hormones
So the last few months I’ve been having periods again and my hormones are trying to balance out for the first time in 6-7 years and oh my god I am so emotional, it’s ridiculous! The other day I was waiting for Ryan to come down the stairs so we could go out and I just burst into tears! For no reason! I don’t like this very much.