The Little Things…

  • Its three days until my birthday!
  • Which also marks the third birthday Papa T has missed.
  • I dreamt of him the other night. Not a memory dream either, it was so real & strange but I awoke without any tears.
  • Evie often looks like the grumpiest bunny I’ve ever seen. Even though she’s not.
  • Finally saw Looper the other day, what a disappointing film, also why is it so long? It doesn’t need to be.
  • I received my birthday presents from my mum & her husband yesterday but really it was a food care package! Full of chocolate, crisps, more chocolate & curry sauce. She’s mad but she’s awesome!
  • I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow for the first time since June! I’m so bad at remembering to get my haircut it’s a bit ridiculous. I’m so tempted to get it all cut off but I want it long for our wedding. Le sigh.
  • I may have accidentally misplaced my compact Holburn Filofax. While I’m not sad to have lost my diary I’m really annoyed that all my reading lists are in it & I don’t have another copy of them. Must find it soon!
  • I’m addicted to chamomile, honey & vanilla tea right now, it’s so soothing & naturally sweet. It’s really been helping with my wisdom tooth pain.
  • I spent the last two days making my kitchen sparkle. I wonder how long it’ll last?!
  • I also found out how to get my kitchen sink to shine like its never shined before, thanks to Flylady!
  • We watched season 1 of The Mentalist & really liked it. We just finished season 1 of Lie To Me too and are starting season 2 soon.
  • I finally threw out some strawberry tea that went of of date in 2010. I’ll miss that strawberry tea. It was a birthday gift in 2009 from a sweet friend.
  • Oooh I may have gotten that iPad mini I wanted as a part birthday present from Ryan & myself. It didn’t start out as love as I was too scared to touch it but its love now!

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