The Little Things…

Small toe
  • My little toe is so little there’s no point painting it!
  • I’m really sick of seeing bananas included in every smoothie recipe ever!
  • In case you didn’t guess I dislike bananas!
  • I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately and it makes my life feel incomplete without reading being a part of it.
  • As of today, Ryan has finished Uni! Just waiting for him to get his results and graduate and it’s all over!
  • Last time I did a little things post I mentioned I lost misplaced my compact holburn, now I’ve missed placed my quote book!
  • I already know what presents I’m getting friends and family, all the way upto September! I like being organised!
  • I’ve watched the ‘new’ TinTin three times this week and it’s not even that much of an amazing film.

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