The Little Things..

  • Ry created Oscar and Evie a twitter account @bunniesdiary it’s so cute!
  • We really want to move out of our flat, so we’re hoping we might find somewhere nice next year. As so far we haven’t found anything remotely good compared to the apartment we live in now.
  • We finally got to see Now You See Me an amazing film and great twist at the end that I didn’t see coming, Parcific Rim not so amazing but not really bad but Ry really liked it more than me & R.I.P.D take it with  pinch of salt and it’s quite good.
  • I’m really not in the mood for Christmas right now. But it’s not like you can miss all the Christmas stuff out there or the fact that since it’s been in work since the end of September. Le sigh!
  • I’m really loving the smell of Yankee Candles Black Cherry tartlets. Best smell ever right now.
  • Also the end is here! The very last series of Poirot has been recorded and been and gone. It’s the 13th series and I’m so sad it’s all over! David Suchet is in my opinion the very best Poirot. He’s been doing it for 25 years! The first one was filmed in 1988 and I’ve seen all of them, except the last three because I’ve been waiting to watch them all together. Now I can. Except a post just for Poirot.

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