The Little Things


1. Even though I’ve finished my low fodmap seven day diet, I’m still doing the ‘diet’. Since day two last week I’ve had zero stomach problems and I lost six pounds in one week! I’m having a problem uploading the 30+ pictures as the internet is rubbish but hope I can have a post on that up soon.

2. The grass in our garden is like a mini jungle! Can’t believe how much it’s all grown!! It’s so close to being finished. We just need some big pots for flowers and some paint to do the fence and to cut the grass.

3. Five years ago this week we were looking at flats to move to Plymouth. So much can happen during five years. You can make so many memories and so many mistakes but always… no regrets!

4. The other half is on holiday this week so I’m making sure he finds the time to finish our photo wall and hang my picture wall in my book room. I’ll be so happy to have these final touches done. We’ve been here for four months and we’ve still got lots of finishing touches to do but I think it’s nice to finally see our house become a home.

5. Blue skies. Always.




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