The Little Things

August 29, 2014
new job 

new job…

So the the reason I wasn’t online much last week was that I got a job! A full-time job. Today is my last day of training and fingers crossed I passed the big test and actually have the job.

wedding planning ahoy!
Two weeks ago we decided to get on with wedding ‘stuff’, as we had picked a second wedding date in April {not long to go!} and have decided to go with that. So I sent out a lot of emails and got lots of replies and well it all looks good to go! My favourite photographer is available and in budget {I jumped for joy!}, we found a new venue and it’s available for our wedding date and does good food! Our home-town registry office has dates available on our chosen wedding date so we just need to pay the deposit for that soon, we’ve been looking at renting a vintage bus but we’re not sure our budget will stretch yet, we’ll have to see how things go. But it is all finally coming together and slowly moving forward! YEY!!!


I blog five to six days a week on my book blog and although I have a schedule what gets posted on what day and when reviews need to be up by I generally write every post that day, the same for when I post here. But now I have a full-time job that’s just not possible. Especially this week and last week were I’ve brought work home with me to study for my mini tests leading up to my big test. I didn’t even read anything last week either. There just wasn’t enough time. So after reading Media Marmalade’s posts on How To Juggle A Daily Blog & A Full Time Career and How To Run a Blog: Keeping Organised and Inspired I spent my three day weekend planning blog posts & reviews and writing them. Including this one.

So I had a three day weekend last weekend, which means I only had a four day week this week. A first for me ever! So I watched a lot of films on Saturday with my other half as he was hungover and we continued it on Sunday and Monday when he got home from work.
White House Down // Elysium // Olympus Has Fallen // Thor 2 {for the 20th time}// Gravity // The Heat //

pride and p 

spineless classics
Someone blogged about spineless classics last week, I cannot remember who though, but oh mm gee! Amazing. It’s made the top of my current wishlist and would look great in any of our rooms if only I could pick one! There are too many, there’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Hobbit, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Stardust, there’s just too many!