That Time We Moved 364.5 Miles & Swore We’d Never Do It Again!

After Ryan turned over all the soil.
I’ve written this post a few different times and each time I’ve just never been able to hit the publish button so instead of ranting and raving about how our move across the country was less than ideal, how it took much longer than expected to find a house to rent and the problems we’ve had with the house since we moved in.

I’m just going to say, next time we decide to move 364.5 miles {because knowing us we may do it again!} in two weeks with no plan someone remind me that it causes lots of problems, a few tears and a bit of heartache.

But on the plus side we see our families more now than we ever did in the five years we were in Plymouth, the bunnies have more room, we have a garden, that Ryan is working on in his spare time {weather permitting} and I have a room dedicated to all my books!

Sometimes the pros balance out the cons.

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