Sunday Summery

This post was originally meant for 19/8/12 but I forgot to press the publish button! Whoops…
It’s been a very tiring week, I’m still trying to catch-up on missed sleep from the previous week when it was too hot to sleep but my body clock seems to have adjusted to waking up early now so maybe it’s me who has to adjust, not my sleeping.
I’m so excited there’s only two weeks left of August, then summer will officially be over with and people can stop complaining about the lack of summer we’ve had here in the UK.
Evie’s been super friendly with me recently, to the point she’s laying down in bed with me when I’ve had some really bad headaches and couldn’t deal with the bright light in the living room. She doesn’t normally do this!
Ryan was a totally sweetheart the other day and surprised me with copies of the books my reviews had been quoted in and then continued to surprise me with a picture of the covers that show my quotes! It’s on my wall above my dressing table taking centre stage!
I’m addicted to Thornton’s caramel shortcake and was so happy to see they now come in a pack you can buy!
Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! Two more In Death books to add to my growing collection. I really love Eve Dallas & Roarke and the rest of there little crew.
I finally gave in and bought my first Essie nail polish. I couldn’t resist buying Fifth Avenue a really pretty red. 
How has your week been?

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