Sunday Summery

Whoops! This post was meant to go out in July, but didn’t! So today will be a double Sunday Summery.
The death of my laptop was one of the hardest things I had to deal with during July, partly because replacing it was particularly hard due to financial reasons and also because “this laptop has seen me through so much, I’m so sad to see it go! It’s travelled with me from one end of the country to the other. It’s written sweet and humours emails to my Father and also received them. It’s put up with hours upon hours of book hunting and ebook purchasing. It’s what I’ve nearly always used to write nearly every single blog post I’ve written to date on. It’s been used to research wedding ideals and wedding venues in the North and in the South. I’ve even attempted to write a book on it too and some really bad poetry. It’s been sat on and stood on by several different pets. It’s helped me do so much and it’s served me oh so well over the past few years but it’s time to move on.” (taken from Swept Away Again)
We’ve officially had this cute little furry face for a year now! How quickly does time fly? She’s such a little flirt running in front of Oscar’s cage, exciting him! & she rubs up against our feet, she pretends to be well behaved, as shown in the above picture when in actual fact she’s been naughty and always wants to play. But we wouldn’t have her any other way.
Oscar got his first bath and wasn’t overly keen! But he handles it much better than Evie does bless his little furry face!
I found that (accidentally might I add) I have another addiction. Boxes! It’s not even a really good addiction (like filofax’s!) I just seemed to have collected and stockpiled them over the years. Each one is full of something. I got really frustrated the other night when I tried to find a postcard I wanted to put in a frame and just couldn’t remember which box it was in. So the next day I piled them all together, found the postcard and began to downsize to amount of boxes I have. It’s slowly becoming part of my decluttering plan but more on that another time!
Now I have to go to work so have a good Sunday!

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