Stormy Nights

Oscar is not impressed with the heavy rain.
Oscar does not like the rain and the wind. He’s really rather terrified of the noise they make together while battering against our balcony and windows. As Wednesday morning showed us. At 5:30am I awoke to some loud thumping and I was also shocked that there are two 5:30’s in one day!
The loud thumping was coming from Oscar’s cage so we lifted it away from the window and into the middle of the living room, closer to Evie’s cage too. Thinking he would settle back down and I had an hour before my alarm would go off for work we went back to bed.
Not even five minutes later the thumping started back up again so Ryan got out of bed to check on him. He seemed to calm down after some cuddles and petting so Ryan came back to bed. Ten minutes later more thumping, Ryan got up again and put some music on for him which seemed to help. This is what worked for Evie when she was young and we’d leave her on her own and or was startled.
We are very sure this work have worked for the remanding thirty minutes, if someone’s car alarm hadn’t start going off which only made Oscar worse so I finally gave up left Ryan in bed, as he wasn’t at University until two so I picked Oscar up and made a little den for him in the bathroom with the towels and one of their playing tubes and had a shower. Thankfully this calmed him down for the rest of the morning. He’s only eight months old but unlike Evie he seems to be a lot jumpier by noises but Evie has been through smoke alarms, loud music, game nights, fire alarms. She’s a pro really while Oscar is still just a baby it’s possibly there will be more thumping in our future.
However, the ‘drama’ doesn’t end there. At 7:30 the guy who runs our building rang our doorbell to check our apartment to see if there was any water damage or leaking from the rain during the night. As the apartment above and below us had problems. Happily we had no problems. Until you fast forward until later in the day.
We now have three damp patches in our apartment. One in the bedroom that was actually consistently dripping all yesterday, the second above my computer desk that is the smallest of the three that we have but we’ve still moved my laptop, books and the desk and the third one is the largest, as you can see in the picture below, it is in the very centre of our living room between our small sofa and Evie’s cage.

Stupid rain & badly built flat = damp patch
There isn’t much we can do about it because the leaking has come all the way from the top of the building, as it seems that the builders hadn’t sealed the building in the correct manner. We just have to wait for it to all dry out and hope that the wind and rain change direction and we don’t get any more damage in the meantime.

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