Why I Stopped Journaling To My Intuition & Why I Started Again

Back in 2016, I started talking to my intuition and it was amazing! I enjoyed the clarity and perspective that came from having chats with my intuition that I also started journaling to my intuition too.

How Do You Journal To Your Intuition?

I took Jess Lively’s free mini-course which helped me figure out how to do it as it’s something I’d been interested in for quite a while, especially listening to Jess Lively’s Podcast but wondered if it was too woo-woo and if it really worked. I did the five-day intuition mini course and it was awesome! It wasn’t until day 5, the last day, where it was like a light switch and something switched on for me and I was able to finally make a connection with my intuition.

Start Slow

I started out slowly. I started out just talking to my intuition. The first few times I tried talking to my intuition I was really nice and relaxed and was actually in a lovely warm bubble bath with soothing music playing. After that when I tried again I struggled a bit to connect with my intuition so I did a mini-meditation first, for about 5-15 minutes via the calm app, which I absolutely adore, to help loosen the things in my head and to reduce some of my stress. After the first few times talking to my intuition after meditating it became so much easier.

After a couple of weeks of just talking to my intuition, enjoying the clarity it gave me, I started wanting a record of the conversation so I took to my journal.

Pen and Paper

The thing was when I finally took pen to paper to talk about my intuition it just didn’t flow for me. At all. I tried meditating. Getting a bath and taking my journal with me but I got nothing. Maybe I was trying too hard? I don’t know for sure but nothing was working for me even though I was still talking to my intuition, as soon as I pulled out my journal it just clamped right up. I tried waiting in case it was the question but still nothing. I decided the next time I talked to my intuition I would journal the conversation afterwards. Which worked like a charm.

I did this two or three times and then I was able to just journal to my intuition when I wanted without too many hiccups. Sometimes I just need to be in the right frame of mind and therefore need to meditate for five minutes to let go of the background noise so I could have more clarity. While it might have

Why Did I Stop Journaling To My Intuition

Well, I had surgery, that didn’t go to plan, you can read all about it here! Annnd the simple answer was, I got scared. I had both my fallopian tubes removed and I basically didn’t want to journal about it and see what my intuition said. I also had a lot going on at that time and totally got out of the habit of journaling.

Why Did I Start Again?

I started journaling again in February, I wrote about my recovery highs and lows. I wrote about my intestines, a lot. I wrote about bowel movements and the food I was eating and how hard I found it to eat and how the diet was stupid and how I got addicted to Homes Under the Hammer and Father Brown and blood tests and when I could go back home.

It started all about post-surgery life and eventually, I fell into a rhythm writing about it all and got comfortable again and as I got healthy my confidence grew and I felt more at ease with tuning into my intuition again.

That’s Great But, What Is Journaling To Your Intuition Good For?

The short answer?


The long answer, making and analysing life decisions. Whether that’s family, health, business, travel or relationship issues. It’s good to help you figure out pretty much everything, as long as your willing to take the time to make it work. Sometimes you can ask your question and you have to sit with it for a while before you ‘hear’ your response and sometimes I find that hard but I know the outcome will be worth it in the end.

Have you ever connected with your intuition? Do you want too?
I’d love to chat with you about it, you can contact me here or here!

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