Special Days

October 21, 2013

Finally managed to finish uploading all the pictures from Ryan’s Graduation. 
There are a lot of them. 
We had two cameras between us and there’s about 150 photos. 
These are some of my favourite photos from Ryan’s special day. 
We were so lucky the weather managed to stay nice.
Apart from during the ceremony.
Where the marque ended up swaying due to the wind and rain.
I’m so proud Ry graduated with a 2:1.
My heart nearly burst during the day I was so happy.
Especially for him to be surrounded with his family.
It was serious hard work for him.
But it didn’t help that his course changed names three different times.
So while he’s got this great degree, it’s not the original one he signed up for.
But we’re trying to make the best out of this situation.
Fingers crossed for what the future will hold.