She Bit It Again

November 3, 2011

My little bunnyface aka Evie finally killed my laptop cable. I noticed it on Sunday evening that there was half a hole in my cable and there were blue sparks coming from it so I quickly turned off my laptop and unplugged the cable and groaned. My second cable within a year (actually less then a year) and it had died. I’d paid a lot of money for my second laptop cable and wasn’t prepared to do so again so Monday morning I quickly orderer a cheapish one from Amazon with Prime and got it for Tuesday and have since being hiding it from Evie so she can’t chew her way through a second one. It can’t be good for her anyway because it’s plastic (before she gets to the wires).
I’m not sure if you can see it clearly in this picture but there are about five lots of electrical tape my boyf had to wrap round different parts of my cable because Evie kept snacking on it and making holes. There are even a few bites marks that won’t show up on this far away shot so really it’s surprising the laptop cable lasted as long as it did. Partly, actually mostly it’s my fault I always sit with my laptop on the sofa and had the cable plugged in next to it and thought it was safe but it clearly wasn’t because of said hole so now it needs to find a new place to live so the little chew monster can’t get her teeth into my new cable. Finally here are some snaps of the little chew monster in action, eyeing up my cable and eating it, right in front of me!