Rhubarb & Vanilla

August 27, 2014
Wilkos face mask
While browsing in Wilkinson’s the other week I noticed there new range of products and after smelling all of them I really fell in love with the rhubarb and vanilla range. I ended up buying the shower gel and face mask in the rhubarb and vanilla range. I might review the shower gel after using it a bit more but seriously the smell is amazing.

The face mask is an interesting idea, the scent isn’t as strong compared to the shower gel but you can still tell what it’s meant to be. For £1.50 I wasn’t expecting too much. But you can get several uses out of the mask and you can get a nice thick layer and still have lots leftover.

There are no instructions on the package but I think it tends to be a given how you use it. I whacked it on and left it for 10 minutes, it made my face tingle a little and after washing it off my face was lovely and soft without feeling tight.

For £1.50 I think it’s a cute product and I liked the idea that you can buy several of the items in each range and get a matching face mask to make up a gift ‘basket’ for a friend’s birthday.