Review: LUSH The Brightside Bubble Bar

April 2, 2013
(The Brightside Bubble Bar £4.25, link)

I adore Lush bubble bar’s. I buy several of them every month and love how long they can last for. The Brightside is no different. As it’s quite a large bubble bar you can get at least three uses from it. They’re super easy to use and I like how quickly they crumble even before you put them under the bath tap.

The Bightside has an amazing fruity citrus scent that makes you think of orange orchards. It’s a very pure orange scent that reminds me of summers when I was a child and the scent transfers to the bath too, which is always nice and it lasts a while. Also the amount of bubbles it gives the bath is pretty extreme and they seem to last a while.

As a side note, the guy who served me also recommended next time to purchase The Comforter with it and to mix the two together to get a skittles fruity smell.
Overall, I love The Brightside bubble bar and would buy one every month. I’ll be sad to see it go once all the Easter products have been discontinued.

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