Reflections and Lessons Learned in 2018

My words for 2018 were learn, connect and flourish, I feel picking three words complicated matters for me as it pulled me in many different directions with my life and business.

I’ve done so much inner work especially during the last quarter of 2018 and I feel that I’ve managed to finally feel connected with myself and I’ve started to accept the Universe has my back and everything that happens, happens because it should, even when it’s difficult.

Highlights of the Year

  • I started 2018 taking a break from my business after a big move and deciding what changes to make in my business.
  • We finally settled into our new home in Southport and spent lots of time exploring the cute little seaside town.
  • Raising my self care standards. At times I worried I was prioritising my self care too much but I got my first massage and it was amazing. I took myself for long lunchtime walks and I took my journaling to a whole new level and really managed to connect with myself on a deeper level.
  • I connected with some truly amazing women on Instagram and they taught me so much. Especially with my self care journey and my business.
  • My story of #whatiwishilearned in school about periods being shared on Endometriosis UK Instagram page and raising awareness for their campaign.
  • Finding my footing with my business it’s been slow going but I’m proud of the direction it’s going now that I’ve been focusing on and building on my foundations.
  • The content I have created. I didn’t create as much as I wanted but I really enjoyed the content I was able to create, whether it was on my blog or Instagram.

Biggest Lessons

  • Self-belief is important. If you can’t believe in yourself, that you can do the work, then how can you ask people to invest in you? I’ve learnt that once you believe in yourself well that’s half the battle over with.
  • Putting my trust in the universe. That doesn’t mean I’m not making decisions and doing the work. It just means believing and accepting that what does happen happens for a reason and to stop emotionally beating myself up when it’s completely out of my control. It’s already happened so you can’t change anything so accept it, learn from it and move on.
  • Connecting and following my intuition is hard and scary but it’s so rewarding when I do. Mindset work is so important.
  • Embracing minimalism in my life and business. I feel this will always be a work in progress and is at sometimes slow going but for me it’s about removing what doesn’t feel good and doesn’t flow and only having what I truly need. This year alone my husband and I have gotten rid of at least 13 bags of stuff, 2 boxes of books and a few pieces of furniture. And it’s still a work in progress.
  • Making time to spend with my husband. 2018 was the first year my husband managed his own store and juggling his workload, my work and my health hasn’t been easy but when we have managed it, it’s been so rewarding and gratifying.

What Didn’t Flow

  • Creating content without a plan. Not having a plan during 2018 really throw me for a loop and has really taken me away from where I wanted my business to go and it’s really shown in the content I haven’t created. As I’ve not been sure how to link it all together. Hence so much radio silence.
  • Surface relationships. I’ve connected with some amazing women this year but I’m craving more deep and meaningful connections. It’s time to up-level some relationships.
  • Doubting myself. We are all guilty of this but I feel I took it too extremes during 2018 and purely let it overwhelm me and hold me back. Now I know that I can journal it out and get to the root cause of my self doubt.

What Do I Want In 2019?

For my personal life, well I sadly spent part of December in hospital getting diagnosed with two new health issues one which caused an infection and an old original one getting worse so I’d like to get those sorted out this year so my husband and I can get back on track with IVF and hopefully have that done with in 2019.

I also plan to spend more time with family and my husband and I have to decide what is next for us in where we live and his career as all of that is in flux right now.

For my biz, I’m working on some old ideas I was too scared to launch or follow through on last year and see if they if I can make them work with my new plan. Which includes my 121 services, a podcast, and a course along with investing in myself and my biz with my own coach, upgrading my website and maybe a group coaching program along with bringing in some help.

Let’s see what inspired ideas and the Universe unfolds in 2019 though.

What have been some of your highlights of 2019?

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