Reflections and Lessons Learned in 2018

January 1, 2019

My words for 2018 were learn, connect and flourish, I feel picking three words complicated matters for me as it pulled me in many different directions with my life and business.

I’ve done so much inner work especially during the last quarter of 2018 and I feel that I’ve managed to finally feel connected with myself and I’ve started to accept the Universe has my back and everything that happens, happens because it should, even when it’s difficult.

Highlights of the Year

Biggest Lessons

What Didn’t Flow

What Do I Want In 2019?

For my personal life, well I sadly spent part of December in hospital getting diagnosed with two new health issues one which caused an infection and an old original one getting worse so I’d like to get those sorted out this year so my husband and I can get back on track with IVF and hopefully have that done with in 2019.

I also plan to spend more time with family and my husband and I have to decide what is next for us in where we live and his career as all of that is in flux right now.

For my biz, I’m working on some old ideas I was too scared to launch or follow through on last year and see if they if I can make them work with my new plan. Which includes my 121 services, a podcast, and a course along with investing in myself and my biz with my own coach, upgrading my website and maybe a group coaching program along with bringing in some help.

Let’s see what inspired ideas and the Universe unfolds in 2019 though.

What have been some of your highlights of 2019?