Recent Purchases: Body Shop

June 13, 2013
While I like The Body Shop products I do tend to find myself sticking to using the same products and scents over and over and never really trying anything new so when I popped in to buy a replacement lip balm I decided to try a few new things.
I have super itchy skin all year round so I bought the Brazil Nut Body Scrub to try. I’ve never brought the body scrub before so I thought I’d give it a try and so far it’s been really great. Very soothing and good at removing that itchy feeling I get. I’m just worried it won’t last more than a month and at £12.50 it’s rather expensive if it doesn’t last more than a month.
I also got the Brazil Nut Body Butter because I really enjoyed the scent, I usually get this in a summer fruity scent like Strawberry or Sweet Lemon. You can never go wrong with a body butter though.
I also got a poof thing. I thought maybe using something a bit softer on my skin might help combat my itchy skin, sadly it hasn’t but it makes my shower gel lather really well.
Then I picked up two of Born Lippy lip balms. These are my favourite items right now that Body Shop sell. They are super moisturising and I really love them. I got a new colour/flavour Pink Berry and rebought my fave Lychee Shimmer.
What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?