Recent Purchases: Ann Summers, Boots, Superdrug & Primark

A couple of Fridays ago I popped into town to meet my husband on his lunch break and dragged him out into the sunshine, like a good wife should, because in Huddersfield it seems to rain all the damn time and the sun was so nice even if it was a bit cool out.

When my husband went back to work I went shopping. I hardly ever go shopping anymore, mostly because I tend to be too ill to leave the house but I was determined to go because I desperately needed new bras. You’d think losing weight would be a good thing but to be honest I hate that my boobs have shunk! None of my bras fit and I feel so unfeminine.

I went to Boots first because I desperately needed a new moisturiser and 4head balm because my migraines during my periods are killing me. I went back to an old faithful with Avene as I really like how thick and moisturising it is without an awful smell. 
The 4head balm is an all time favourite, that I’ve been using for years. My first job I worked in a Bakery and one of the women I worked with let me use her’s when I had a killer headache and it worked wonders so I’ve been using it ever since. I take a lot of painkillers in general now so when I can I try to use an alternative medicine because a) I’m worried about my stomach lining and b) I don’t want to get addicted!
Then I went to Superdrug and they had a 2 for £7 on BarryM and I’ve been eyeing up there satin lipstick’s for quite some time. I ended up buying 169 and their Rose Hip gelly nail vanish. I also picked up this Gosh simply red lip liner and it goes on like a dream!

My main goal was to buy some new bras and I love Ann Summers underwear! Their designs are lovely and they do lots of fun colours and a range of sizes and styles. I used to be a 32E and adored their balcony bras but sadly my boobs have shrunk and none of my bras fit. Although I tried them on the 32C ended up being too small so I had to go back and change my bras for 32D’s but they’re both plunge bras and it’s a bit weird wearing a different style but they are really comfy and make my boobs look great! They had a sale on as well and I picked up this lace negligee for a reasonable £10.

Seriously if you’ve always been put off from Ann Summers because of whatever reasons, you have to give them a go! I love their underwear so much, especially if you have a short shoulder because they do quite a few bars that adjust all the way round their strap which gives such a good fit. They also do bigger bra sizes and I’ve never been in an Ann Summers and had bad service and I’ve been in quite a few difference stores all over the UK.

My last stop was Primark. I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed sick and personally while I do love white bedding my husband can’t help but spill something on it and I’m just not well enough to be changing white sheets as often as he spills so for the past couple of months I’ve been looking at changing our bedroom up and I already bought an amazing bedding set from Argos that’s 200 thread count and Egyptian cotton and so comfy and soft. It’s currently on offer right now!

I really liked this set from Primark and it was only £11. The fitted sheet was on offer and really wish they did a duvet to match this because I love the blue of it. I also picked up another apple orchard candle £3 because I’m halfway through the first one we have and its such a lovely smell and I couldn’t resist the love heart cushion (under £5 I think or was £5) it’s so soft and huggable.

To me these were my most boring purchases but very necessary. I bought the stripped t-shirt because it was big, loose and was stripped, (I really like stripes) which is perfect for when I’m bloated or just don’t feel well and it’s oh so soft and was £5. The other three items are lounge/nightwear. I love how soft Primark’s lounge wear tops are and so does Evie because she’s always eating them! So I really needed replacements because I wear these most days instead of actual clothes because I’m ill, a lot. Oh the flower and lace item is a nightie that I’ve set aside for when I finally get my surgery.

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